United Arab Emirates

Out of the Shadows Out of the Shadows 3.8 1h 31min
Out of the Shadows
IMDb: 3.8
1h 31min

Genre: Horror, Thriller
My Name Is Khan My Name Is Khan 7.9 2h 45min
Rally Road Racers Rally Road Racers 5.2 1h 33min
Rally Road Racers
IMDb: 5.2
1h 33min

Awaken Awaken 6.5 1h 14min
Watcher Watcher 6.3 1h 36min
Minamata Minamata 7.2 1h 55min
Beneath a Sea of Lights Beneath a Sea of Lights 5.6 1h 37min
Beneath a Sea of Lights
IMDb: 5.6
1h 37min

Genre: Crime, Drama
Audrey Audrey 7.1 1h 41min
Luxor Luxor 5.3 1h 25min
IMDb: 5.3
1h 25min

Genre: Drama, Romance
Kindred Kindred 5.0 1h 41min
Fragmentary Fragmentary 4.5 1h 29min
Amulet Amulet 4.9 1h 39min
IMDb: 4.9
1h 39min

Genre: Horror, Mystery
The Dustwalker The Dustwalker 3.8 1h 32min
The Dustwalker
IMDb: 3.8
1h 32min

Walking on Water Walking on Water 6.9 1h 45min
Walking on Water
IMDb: 6.9
1h 45min

Escape and Evasion Escape and Evasion 4.7 1h 32min
Escape and Evasion
IMDb: 4.7
1h 32min

Genre: Drama, War
Message Man Message Man 5.9 1h 31min
Message Man
IMDb: 5.9
1h 31min

Furry Vengeance Furry Vengeance 3.9 1h 32min
Furry Vengeance
IMDb: 3.9
1h 32min

Corridor Corridor 5.5 9min
IMDb: 5.5

Genre: Horror, Mystery, Short
Airpocalypse Airpocalypse 3.9 1h 45min
IMDb: 3.9
1h 45min

Headlock Headlock 2.5 1h 42min
Lamma shoftak Lamma shoftak 6.6 1h 33min
Lamma shoftak
IMDb: 6.6
1h 33min

Genre: Drama
The Price of Sex The Price of Sex 7.4 1h 13min
The Price of Sex
IMDb: 7.4
1h 13min

Scrambled Scrambled 5.9 10min
IMDb: 5.9

Baghdad Messi Baghdad Messi 7.2 19min
Baghdad Messi
IMDb: 7.2

Genre: Drama, Short, Sport, War
Ya tayr el tayer Ya tayr el tayer 6.7 1h 40min
Why Knot Why Knot 5.6
Rattle The Cage Rattle The Cage 6.6 1h 36min
Rattle The Cage
IMDb: 6.6
1h 36min

Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller
Desert Dancer Desert Dancer 6.2 1h 38min
Desert Dancer
IMDb: 6.2
1h 38min

Syriana Syriana 6.9 2h 8min
IMDb: 6.9
2h 8min

Genre: Drama, Spy, Thriller
Midnight Sun Midnight Sun 6.1 1h 38min
Midnight Sun
IMDb: 6.1
1h 38min

The Man Who Knew Infinity The Man Who Knew Infinity 7.2 1h 48min
The Man Who Knew Infinity
IMDb: 7.2
1h 48min

Blood, Sand and Gold Blood, Sand and Gold 3.7 1h 30min
Blood, Sand and Gold
IMDb: 3.7
1h 30min

Genre: Action
Interlude In Prague Interlude In Prague 6.2 1h 43min
Interlude In Prague
IMDb: 6.2
1h 43min

Genre: Drama, History, Music
Rip Tide Rip Tide 5.5 1h 25min
Rip Tide
IMDb: 5.5
1h 25min

Genre: Drama, Family
The Worthy The Worthy 5.1 1h 35min
The Worthy
IMDb: 5.1
1h 35min

The Stolen The Stolen 5.3 1h 38min
The Stolen
IMDb: 5.3
1h 38min

Benji Benji 6.3 1h 27min
The School The School 4.0 1h 29min
The School
IMDb: 4
1h 29min

Bilal: A New Breed of Hero Bilal: A New Breed of Hero 7.6 1h 45min
Bilal: A New Breed of Hero
IMDb: 7.6
1h 45min

Out of the Dark Out of the Dark 4.8 1h 32min
Out of the Dark
IMDb: 4.8
1h 32min

Djinn Djinn 4.4 1h 25min
IMDb: 4.4
1h 25min

Genre: Horror, Thriller
A Most Violent Year A Most Violent Year 7.0 2h 4min
Snitch Snitch 6.4 1h 52min
Cesar Chavez Cesar Chavez 6.4 1h 42min
Cesar Chavez
IMDb: 6.4
1h 42min

Genre: Biography, Drama
The Bourne Legacy The Bourne Legacy 6.6 2h 15min
Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol 7.4 2h 13min
Flight Flight 7.3 2h 18min
The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel 7.2 2h 4min
The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel
IMDb: 7.2
2h 4min

Men In Black 3 Men In Black 3 6.8 1h 46min
Furious 7 Furious 7 7.1 2h 17min
Ghost Rider Spirit Of Vengeance Ghost Rider Spirit Of Vengeance 4.3 1h 36min
Backtrack Backtrack 5.9 1h 30min
IMDb: 5.9
1h 30min

He Named Me Malala He Named Me Malala 7.0 1h 27min
The Time Machine The Time Machine 6.0 1h 36min
Fair Game Fair Game 6.8 1h 48min
Fair Game
IMDb: 6.8
1h 48min

Contagion Contagion 6.8 1h 46min
Promised Land Promised Land 6.6 1h 46min
Promised Land
IMDb: 6.6
1h 46min

The Kingdom The Kingdom 7.0 1h 50min
Jeff Dunham All Over the Map Jeff Dunham All Over the Map 7.1 1h 23min
Jeff Dunham All Over the Map
IMDb: 7.1
1h 23min

Genre: Comedy
The Way Back The Way Back 7.3 2h 13min
Wadjda Wadjda 7.5 1h 38min
Samsara Samsara 8.4 1h 42min
The Double The Double 5.9 1h 38min
The Double
IMDb: 5.9
1h 38min

Genre: Action, Crime, Drama
The Beaver The Beaver 6.6 1h 31min
The Beaver
IMDb: 6.6
1h 31min

Genre: Drama
The Crazies The Crazies 6.5 1h 41min
We Are Blood We Are Blood 7.7 1h 31min
We Are Blood
IMDb: 7.7
1h 31min

Océans Océans 7.7 1h 24min
The Circle The Circle 5.4 1h 50min
Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets 6.4 2h 16min
Detour Detour 6.2 1h 37min
As I Open My Eyes As I Open My Eyes 6.7 1h 38min
As I Open My Eyes
IMDb: 6.7
1h 38min

Genre: Drama, Music
This Beautiful Fantastic This Beautiful Fantastic 6.9 1h 40min
This Beautiful Fantastic
IMDb: 6.9
1h 40min

Starfish Starfish 6.6 1h 35min
IMDb: 6.6
1h 35min

Genre: Biography, Drama
Shorts Shorts 4.7 1h 29min
OtherLife OtherLife 6.2 1h 36min
IMDb: 6.2
1h 36min

Heartbeats Heartbeats 5.4 1h 50min
IMDb: 5.4
1h 50min

Roman J. Israel, Esq. Roman J. Israel, Esq. 6.5 2h 2min
Roman J. Israel, Esq.
IMDb: 6.5
2h 2min

Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller
The Help The Help 8.1 2h 26min
The Last Bus The Last Bus 6.6 1h 28min
The Last Bus
IMDb: 6.6
1h 28min

Genre: Drama
Chimera Chimera 4.3 1h 20min
Clash Clash 7.4 1h 35min
IMDb: 7.4
1h 35min

Genre: Drama, Thriller, War
Theeb Theeb 7.2 1h 40min
IMDb: 7.2
1h 40min